What are the advantages of ultra-high pressure sterilization equipment?


The application of some technologies in the ultra-high pressure food sterilization equipment: the traditional food eating methods and processing methods have great potential safety hazards, such as raw seafood, dairy products, beverages, fruit juice, traditional cooked meat products sold in bulk, pickles, sauerkraut, Korean hot cabbage and other fermented pickles, and fresh juice squeezed on the spot have all caused foodborne diseases. The UHP room temperature sterilization technology can scientifically, reasonably and effectively solve the potential safety hazards of these foods. At present, the technology has matured and reached the stage of widespread promotion. Ultra high pressure technology can not only effectively solve the problem of food preservation and distribution process, ensure food safety, but also develop new flavor food and dishes, extend shelf life, expand sales radius, reduce the loss of goods, and increase the profit of goods.

Advantages of food sterilization equipment: 1. High temperature short-time sterilization. The duplex type adopts imported high efficiency heat exchanger. After one sterilizing pot completes sterilization, high temperature water will be injected into the other sterilizing pot. The two pots will rotate and rise rapidly. 2. High temperature water is used alternately for the boiler body, saving energy and labor. Food high-temperature sterilization equipment reduces production cost. 3. Large flow water circulating sterilization is evenly distributed, and the atomized hot water of food high-temperature sterilization equipment fully contacts with the product without dead angle. 4. The whole sterilization process of the food high-temperature sterilization equipment is controlled by PLC touch, with accurate sterilization temperature, good human-computer interaction and precise control. 5. Due to the high pressure conditions generated by the equipment, the heat penetration speed is fast. Even if the product is packaged in large blocks, the sterilization effect will not disappoint you. 6. The sterilization process can be set according to different food processes, and the food high-temperature sterilization equipment can preserve the color, flavor and taste of different foods on the premise of ensuring the sterilization effect. 7. In the form of double doors, raw food feeding room and cooked food discharging room can be strictly separated to make them more in line with the management regulations on food hygiene and safety. 8. The circulating water in the pot is always in a sterile state when heated or cooled. After the sterilization of the food high-temperature sterilization equipment is completed, the water droplets on the inner surface of the pot and the surface of the packaging bag will not leave small scale spots after drying. 9. When the temperature rises, the circulating water is heated by the heat exchanger from the normal temperature, and when the temperature drops, the circulating water is cooled by the heat exchanger from the real-time temperature. The glass packaging of the food high-temperature sterilization equipment also needs not worry about the crack problem caused by the temperature difference change. 10. The food high-temperature sterilization equipment automatically prompts after sterilization to avoid accidents.

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