New industrialization technology of HPP food non thermal processing


In the new consumption era, the new generation of consumers' consumption concept of food is not limited to safety and hygiene, but to the color, aroma and taste of food The nutritional composition and other aspects put forward high requirements. Therefore, various food non thermal processing technologies have emerged, including ultra-high pressure technology (HPP technology), pulsed electric field technology, oscillating magnetic field technology, pulsed light technology, etc., which can damage the nutritional components of food to a small extent on the premise of ensuring food safety.

HPP food processing technology is to disinfect food without heating (or normal temperature), remove potential pathogens in various foods and sterilize microorganisms that cause food corruption through water pressure, and lock the fresh appearance of food Taste and nutrition, while extending the shelf life of food, provide strong technical support for the development of innovative food.

HPP has unique advantages in the field of food sterilization technology:
1. It can complete food processing at room temperature or even very low temperature, and the processing procedure is simple;
2. The force can penetrate into the whole food instantly, and there is no strict requirement on the size and shape of the food itself;
3. High pressure can cause microbial death. Low temperature technology can reduce the nutrient loss caused by heat treatment and avoid the use of preservatives or other additives, thus improving food quality:
4. It can be used to develop food with functional characteristics.

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