HPP technology expands agricultural deep processing industry


Agriculture is a strategic industry to stabilize the world and the people's minds. Agricultural economy is the foundation of China's national economic development. Through policy support, science and technology drive, deepening reform and other measures, the country has steadily improved its comprehensive agricultural production capacity. As a new industry, fruit and vegetable deep processing industry plays an increasingly important role in China's agricultural and economic development. The development of fruit and vegetable deep processing contributes to the development of agriculture and provides a lot of convenience for people's life.

In recent years, the supply of fruits and vegetables in China continues to grow, and more and more fruits and vegetables appear in people's shopping carts. The deep processing methods of fruits and vegetables directly affect the added value of their products. There are two main problems in the processing of fruits and vegetables, one is fresh, the other is clean. Traditional processing methods cannot meet people's requirements for health, nutrition, freshness and taste, while ultra-high pressure HPP food processing technology can meet people's requirements.
In recent years, China's blueberry processing industry has developed rapidly. They can be both fresh food and deep processing. They are rich in vitamins and trace elements, and their nutritional value is far higher than that of ordinary fruits. Many places have actively promoted the development of blueberry industry and embarked on the development path of combining technological innovation with technology. Due to the relatively short shelf life of blueberry fresh fruit and inconvenient transportation, many fruit farmers are worried. Through the deep processing of blueberries, it not only reduces the occurrence of cheap fruits hurting farmers, but also improves the added value of the blueberry industry. At present, blueberry products have been deeply processed by ultra-high pressure technology in China, which not only completely retains the original natural flavor, but also retains the nutrition of blueberry, extending the shelf life of blueberry products.

Ultrahigh pressure technology can be used not only in the processing of fruits and vegetables, but also in the pickling of fruits and vegetables. Sichuan pickles are short in time, good in flavor, and fresh and crisp in taste. However, the traditional packaging of pickles uses heat sterilization. Although the fermentation can be terminated and the product quality can be guaranteed, its sensory characteristics of freshness, tenderness, and crispness are almost non-existent. Through ultra-high pressure HPP sterilization technology, adding preservatives and various spices, and strengthening the shelf life and crisp taste, customers can solve the contradiction between the sensory characteristics of pickles and product quality assurance. This is especially important for plain pickles without condiments. Through the ultra-high pressure sterilization technology, the sensory characteristics of the original pickle can be maintained, and the product can also be clean, safe and safe.

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