Processing technology and shelf life of instant vegetables with ultra-high pressure food preservation equipment

With the improvement of people's living standards, there is an urgent need for food with low energy consumption, low cost and high nutrition. Now, in the field of food processing, technology is still the traditional means of thermal processing.

New industrialization technology of HPP food non thermal processing

In the new consumption era, the new generation of consumers' consumption concept of food is not limited to safety and hygiene, but to the color, aroma and taste of food The nutritional composition and other aspects put forward high requirements.

Ultra high pressure food preservation equipment can effectively inhibit lipid oxidation of seafood and aquatic products

Compared with other meat products, aquatic products, freshwater fish, have lower peak tissue content It contains high nutrition. It has strong endogenous enzyme activity. So. After the product dies, the quality changes. It leads to a series of physiological and biochemical changes in fish, leading to the success or failure of aquatic products.

What is the impact of ultra-high pressure food preservation equipment used for dairy sterilization on its quality?

When ultra-high pressure food preservation equipment is used for food processing, the high pressure brought by high pressure treatment can release the pressure transmission. Too fast speed usually does not affect the oral products of food.

Practical technology of beverage with ultra-high pressure sterilization technology

Ultrahigh pressure static sterilization refers to putting food into the ultra-high pressure processing room with water or other liquids as the pressurized medium. After the pressure rise, it will remain static at the set high pressure point for a certain time to denature and inactivate the protein and other polymer substances that maintain the life activities of microorganisms, so as to achieve the purpose of food sterilization.

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