What is the impact of ultra-high pressure food preservation equipment used for dairy sterilization on its quality?


When ultra-high pressure food preservation equipment is used for food processing, the high pressure brought by high pressure treatment can release the pressure transmission. Too fast speed usually does not affect the oral products of food. Nutritional composition. Any technology only works on non covalent health, not on covalent bonds. The nutrition in food should be fully preserved, which will not have a great impact on its flavor. The highly processed food is easy to cook. It can be eaten after simple processing. In addition, ultra-high pressure technology can also destroy the structure of macromolecular substances, thereby improving the taste, color and shelf life of products.

Ultra high pressure technology can kill harmful microorganisms in dairy products. It can also make up for the lack of appearance transfer technology and achieve an ideal sterilization state.

For fermented dairy products, after ultra-high pressure treatment, it will lead to the interaction between heavy white matter, the particle meridians of Tangxiaolibai, and the colloidal structure of the road protein in the room family milk. Increase the interaction point of casein surface. The stability of dairy products is remarkable.

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