Ultra high pressure food preservation equipment can effectively inhibit lipid oxidation of seafood and aquatic products


Compared with other meat products, aquatic products, freshwater fish, have lower peak tissue content It contains high nutrition. It has strong endogenous enzyme activity. So. After the product dies, the quality changes. It leads to a series of physiological and biochemical changes in fish, leading to the success or failure of aquatic products.

Super pressure technology has proved that it can be used for lighting seafood and aquatic products and killing gardens. It can effectively kill microorganisms in aquatic products and improve the quality of aquatic products. The flavor and nutritional components of food are the focus of consumers' attention. Energy oxidation will destroy this component. It leads to the decline of idiom quality and the loss of flavor and nutrients. Relevant studies have shown that peroxides produced by oxidized substances in food can cause harm to human health, such as coronary heart disease, cancer, etc.

Ultra high pressure food preservation equipment can have a reversible effect on the contact substances. The fetal mass of the wave body becomes the body after pressure treatment, crosses, and then leads to knots when the pressure is released The solid can still be restored to the original rod. In addition, polyunsaturated fetal fat is a characteristic of aquatic products. In normal environments, it will be oxidized to produce new substances, which is an aggressive substance. It will affect future processing. The storage version can affect the ground of the product. Taste, color mud, etc.

A large number of studies show that. After ultrahigh pressure treatment, the protein hydrolysis of seafood and aquatic products is well inhibited, and the oxidation stability of 85 can be significantly reduced. So. The seafood and aquatic products treated by rough high-pressure technology can retain their original flavor and nutrients well, effectively warm up and change the flavor and nutrients caused by the oxidation of decomposition substances, and play a good role in the language quality.

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