Processing technology and shelf life of instant vegetables with ultra-high pressure food preservation equipment


With the improvement of people's living standards, there is an urgent need for food with low energy consumption, low cost and high nutrition. Now, in the field of food processing, technology is still the traditional means of thermal processing. After more than 100 years of research and development, hot working technology has established a strong scientific theoretical basis and processing technology. However, in the heat treatment process of ultra-high pressure food preservation equipment, food will have many disadvantages under high temperature conditions:

(1) Destroy the original natural flavor and color of food:

(2) The chemical composition of food changes, even producing harmful ingredients;

(3) It causes the loss of nutrition of food itself and the waste of food resources;

(4) It causes high energy consumption, environmental pollution and other problems.

Ultra high pressure technology is a high-tech technology different from hot working. Heat treatment of ultra-high pressure food preservation equipment makes molecules move violently after heating, and weak bonds are destroyed, leading to denaturation and degradation of macromolecular substances such as proteins. During heating, covalent bonds are destroyed, pigments, aroma and vitamins are destroyed. As a low temperature and high pressure treatment technology, ultra-high pressure technology only acts on non covalent polymer structures such as hydrogen bond, hydrophobic bond, ionic bond, covalent bond, and will not lead to the movement of covalent bonds, sterilization, improvement of tissue structure, and maintenance of the original nutritional value and flavor of food. It has incomparable advantages over heat treatment. At the same time, this advantage just caters to the modern people's consumption concept of attaching importance to nature, returning to nature and advocating nature and light processing food

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