Practical technology of beverage with ultra-high pressure sterilization technology


Ultrahigh pressure static sterilization refers to putting food into the ultra-high pressure processing room with water or other liquids as the pressurized medium. After the pressure rise, it will remain static at the set high pressure point for a certain time to denature and inactivate the protein and other polymer substances that maintain the life activities of microorganisms, so as to achieve the purpose of food sterilization. Due to the high cost of ultra-high pressure containers, this sterilization technology is suitable for the production of small batches of solid and liquid food and beverage.

Sterilization process of ultra-high pressure beverage

The sterilization equipment of ultra-high pressure beverage is very different from the general chemical high-pressure gas processing equipment. When the ultrahigh pressure food preservation equipment is pressurized, the liquid expansion coefficient is small and the risk is low; The gas expansion coefficient is large and the risk is high. Generally, water is used as the pressure medium because of its low cost, wide source, no explosion risk with gas and low energy consumption. Generally, when the pressure is 500MPa and exceeds 5000, water can be used as the pressure medium; MPa Oily pressure medium is selected due to problems such as water pressurized crystallization.

Drinks are mainly divided into solid drinks and liquid drinks according to their organizational forms. Different forms of beverages should adopt different sterilization processes; The following is the ultra-high pressure sterilization technology for liquid drinks.

Ultra high pressure food preservation equipment
Ultrahigh pressure static sterilization process for beverages

The beverage is installed in a pressure resistant, non-toxic, flexible and pressure transmitting flexible package for vacuum sealing packaging (to avoid mixing of pressure media), or the high-pressure chamber is directly designed as an internal and external two layers, the inner layer is a flexible retractable liner, and the outer layer is an immutable container that can withstand high pressure. Before sterilization, the control system shall be adjusted according to the preset value. Due to different varieties and properties of ultra-high pressure drinks, the treatment process may also be different to some extent. The general treatment process of ultra-high pressure static sterilization of beverages is: pressure rise → pressure holding → pressure relief. Sterilization is to achieve left and right pressure protection through 10min, which is called ultra-high pressure static sterilization method; The size of high pressure value and pressure protection time can be set in advance by the control system. This method is usually discontinuous, but several high-pressure cavities can be designed to coordinate with each other to achieve semi continuous production.

Ultrahigh pressure dynamic sterilization process for beverages
The processed beverage itself is a liquid. If juice, beer, tea drinks, etc., Processing materials can be directly used to replace water and other pressure media to achieve continuous production of feeding and unloading, but the equipment needs to be pre sterilized. The core process of treatment is simpler than static treatment: pressure rise → dynamic pressure reduction. However, the dynamic decompression in this treatment process is different from the static sterilization method. It kills bacteria and other microorganisms through instantaneous decompression, gradient decompression or variable load decompression. The pressure reducing valve of the ultra-high pressure chamber of the dynamic sterilization equipment needs to be equipped with a pressure control device to relieve the pressure and discharge according to the set value to achieve dynamic continuous operation. From the current research results, there are many researches on the sterilization methods of liquid drinks, fruit juices and so on by ultra-high pressure. If the dynamic ultra-high pressure sterilization is realized, it will have high practical value. In order to improve work efficiency and reduce costs, the continuous operation of dynamic ultra-high pressure sterilization equipment still needs to be developed and improved.

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