Effect of Ultrahigh Pressure Sterilization on Nutritional Composition of Fresh Juice.

The ultra-high pressure cold sterilization method is to mix the water containing solid food raw materials, fill them into a soft vacuum bag for sealing, and then enter thousands of hydrostatic pressure ultra-high pressure sterilizers for pressure treatment; Fluid juice does not need to be directly packaged to autoclave for cold sterilization.

HPP technology expands agricultural deep processing industry

Agriculture is a strategic industry to stabilize the world and the people's minds. Agricultural economy is the foundation of China's national economic development. Through policy support, science and technology drive, deepening reform and other measures, the country has steadily improved its comprehensive agricultural production capacity.

Comparison of ultra-high pressure sterilization technology with traditional heat treatment food

Ultrahigh pressure sterilization technology will not change the physical characteristics of food, such as color, aroma and taste, and will not produce odor. After pressurization, food can still retain its original fresh flavor and nutrients.

Effect of ultra-high pressure treatment on biological macromolecules

Ultrahigh pressure treatment and continuous pressure will destroy the microbial cell membrane; At the same time, ultra-high pressure treatment will destroy the biological macromolecules inside microorganisms.

What are the advantages of ultra-high pressure sterilization equipment?

The application of some technologies in the ultra-high pressure food sterilization equipment: the traditional food eating methods and processing methods have great potential safety hazards, such as raw seafood, dairy products, beverages, fruit juice, traditional cooked meat products sold in bulk, pickles, sauerkraut

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